Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 082

    School Name: Shiprock High School

    Area of Science: Engineering

    Project Title: Heating and Cooling Vent

Final Report

Problem Definition

Our project is to write a program that will enable a model to take fresh outside air and send it through a vent that will allow it to pass into a house or building. This way of cooling homes is unlike regular air conditioning, because it does not release harmful chemicals, like chloroflourocarbons into the atmosphere, and does not require the use of water to be used with the vent. Instead, it uses natural ventilation and the natural forces of wind to allow fresh air to enter the inside of buildings.

Computational Plan

Our computational plan will illustrate how the heating and cooling convection will operate during the summer and winter seasons. When weather conditions change, the function of the system will also change. This heating and cooling system could save costs due to the technology that we have today. The heating and cooling system will cut prices on the use of the furnace and the loud swamp coolers.


The team progress now, is doing very well. We have found that air convection is the most cost reducing way to heat your house in the winter and cooling in the summer, it may also keep the house at a temperature that you are comfortable with all year long. We are now doing research on how this air convection should work. The team has found a company in Texas that specializes in this type of air convection. They say its not cheap for air convection but will save you money on heating and cooling your house in the long run. We have not yet started on the programming part of the project so far but we plan too as soon as we have got enough information on how the air convection is to work. After we have enough information and the program is working right we will construct a working model of the air convection unit.

Results that we expect

As a group our results may vary among each other, but we are all doing the same project and we voice our opinions and our facts to one another, so we all achieve the same goal. To have a project that is successful. Results that we expect through out this project, are to have a positive insight on heating and cooling systems. The system results do not have to be in perfection but by excellence. What I mean by excellence is that our group is trying our hardest to achieve this goal. These ideas of this system should make a doorway for other people to step into in the near future.

Team Members

Sponsoring Teachers

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