Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number:083

    School Name: Silver High

    Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

    Project Title: Learning Techniques

Final Report

The purpose of our project is to determine the statistics of the different learning techniques in our school. From this data, a mathematical model of the typical SHS student will be created. This model will not only help the teachers to learn to teach different ways, but will also help the student to know how to study in the most beneficial way. In doing research we have found that there are three basic ways of learning. The first is visual; this is the easiest way to learn in the present educational system. A visual learner learns by seeing the material and learning from the text. The next way is auditory, within this learning technique the information is needed to be heard not seen. Often these students are at a disadvantage since material is often in text form and not in audio form. The last of the three is kinesthetic. In this learning technique the student learns better with hands on activity than the basic text based curriculum. We plan on solving this problem by distributing surveys to all high school students and teachers.

Your plan for solving the problem computationally:

To determine the percentage of Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Visual learners in Silver High, my partner and I have taken a survey from the Internet (location: http://www.howtolearn). We asked all English classes (grades 9-12) and compiled these. From these surveys we will write a C++ program that will create a mathematical model that demonstrates the typical student at Silver High in respect to their learning style. A Description of the Progress you have made up to this time

A Description of the Progress You Have Made Up to this Time:

My partner and I have written a survey to hand out to people on there put personal history and compiled it with another survey we found on the internet (location: http://www.howtolearn). We then handed it out and scored each survey. We have planned out the next steps to help us complete our project. This will be to take the results and form a math model and write our program.

The Results You Expect to Get:

My partner and I have examined the teaching styles of the present educators, and taking this into account have made observations leading to expected results. It is evident that each person can possess more than one learning technique, a primary learning technique, a secondary learning technique, and other techniques. We expect the majority of Silver High Students who took the survey to be a visual learner in either the primary or secondary learning techniques.

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