Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 086

    School Name: Springer High School

    Area of Science: Mathematics

    Project Title: Geometry in Real Life

Final Report

This year at Springer High School, our group has been working on Geometry in Real Life. In August of 1998, we began our projects with five members. In all actuality it was like having only three members. Two of our members did not seem to have determination, motivation, or a clue to what we were doing. A few weeks past and we had the same individuals applying themselves to this project and the same individuals goofing around.

At the end of the first nine weeks of school one of our members who was the interested party in the project, transferred schools. Another member who was just getting in our way, dropped the class. We were down to just three students, two useful and one not as useful. The other team from our school was having problems with one of their team members. Our teacher made the decision to place that individual on our team. I am sorry to say he was just another problem on our hands.

We continued working with two minds and are not working with new members. Our team now consists of four team members who are willing to work and are devoted to doing the best of their ability.

Our project is about the use of geometry in real life. We are in the process of surfing the Net for useful information, but because our school district is currently putting in a LAN and WAN, a computer connected to the Web has been dificult to find.

Our Super Computer class has been studying the HTML language. We have been building simple home page documents. We have learned to copy images from the Net into our documents. We have started building tables for our home pages and will be learning more about the HML language this semester.

Our teacher has found in her file cabinets geometry programs written in BASIC language. After learning more about the C++ language, our team intends on converting these programs into the C++ language. Also, our team while surfing the Internet discovered some geometry games, questions and designs to build. If time allows we wish to develop a geometry test and build some of these geometric models. Now that our team has new members we are excited and re-encouraged that our team will work together on unity to finish the project we have started.

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