Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 087


    Area of Science: MATHEMATICS

    Project Title: "THE MIGHTY JUNGLE"

Final Report

Our project is called "The Mighty Jungle," a video game. During the duration of time between October 20, 1998 and January 6, 1999, we have experienced many difficulties, additions, and losses towards the team.

In October, we turned in our abstract, which told many things about our project. At that time, the members of our team were Matthew Garcia, Keith Gutierrea, Laura Tafoya, Marcos Baca, and Salvador Villasenor. Mrs. Brenda Smith was, and still is our sponsor/teacher. Keith Gutierrez was and still is our team captain. He also supplied ideas for the team. Matthew Garcia has done most of the work. Being team secretary, he has kept notes, and wrote and typed our reports. Matt has given ideas toward the team and did the Internet research for the team project. Laura Tafoya, has done many things for the team. She has supplied ideas for the project. Marcos Baca was the backbone of the operation. He supplied most of the ideas that we used for this project. Salvador Villasenor really didn't supply many ideas, but he was the team/cheerleader/clown.

Since October, we have had many losses and additions toward the team. Laura Tafoya left the team for another class (Drivers' Education). Marcos Baca moved out of the town. Salvador Villasenor was transferred to team 1 (team 086) by our sponsor, Mrs. Smith. Our new members include Jesus Frias and Tommany Mascarenas.

Our project as you well know is called "The Mighty Jungle." In addition to a spider having to survive and overcome obstacles, we have decided that it will also need to survive for a week at a time. The game will also feature a random selction menu gameplay. During the game, the spider will be put into various situations. Depending upon the answers to various questions that the player will be asked could cause the spider to live or die.

Being that we are in the Challenge as a class, we have had many obstacles to overcome. We have not had enough time to really work on our project. We do not have enough computers at our school that are connected to the internet. We lack an efficient amount of resources. We have had many of our team members falling behind. Still, we have been learning HTML and designing web pages for ourselves. The web pages are very unique, interesting and individualized. They range from topics such as Anime, professional teams and school organizations.

We hope to finish this project in time for a competitive entry. The actual entry is to be a demo level of the actual game. We are hoping to be able to do this very soon.

From here, we are planning to go to the next few workshops and learn a lot more about HTML, C++, UNIX, and many other things. We are confident in ourselves, as we have really been working as a team. We have learned a lot since October and need and want to learn more.

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