Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 090

    School Name: Thoreau High School

    Area of Science: physics

    Project Title: Comets

Final Report

The project that my team has been working on is called "Doomsday; the deadly asteroid". So far we have some codes but only about 1/4th, but we are still having problems with it. We have a few equations that can help us. We also take physics, which has become very helpful to us. We are probably going to go non-competitive because next year we will have a lot more access to our new computer lab. This year we did not get much done on our project. This is our second year in the challenge but we are still not doing much. Until now we have not had much access to computers, but now we have a computer lab and we can really do something with the computers we have now. We do not have access to the Internet here yet but we all have access at home so that really isn't a problem. We also are all assistants in the computer lab so we have some time to work on it. We would really like to go to Los Alamos, we think it would help us a lot with our project next year.

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