Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 096

    School Name: Tularosa High School

    Area of Science: Environmental

    Project Title: Tracking Forest Depletion

Final Report

Our project this year is on tracking the rate at which our forests are being depleted in North America and in the world.

Our information is as follows. The total area of the world is 148.94 million square miles. Thirty-one percent of that is forest. This is equal to 40 million acres of land area. North America has a total land area of 8 million acres. The amount of acres gained annually we have found is 17.625 million acres. The amount of acres lost annually due to natural causes is 14.1 million acres that we have found. We have yet to find the annual amount of acres lost due to unnatural causes.

In conclusion we expect the whole world's forest population to completely deplete. The amount of years is uncertain. We hope to include the amount of acres lost due to unnatural causes and any other information we acquire along the way that will further expand on the project. We have done quite a lot, yet we still have a ways to go. As we continue on this project we grow more interested and become more knowledgeable.

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