Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 097

    School Name: Tularosa High School

    Area of Science: Astrology

    Project Title: Collision Earth

Final Report

Our Super Computer Project is about what would happen if an asteriod would hit earth and what would the damage be. We are trying to see what you need to destory the human race and turn it into the Second Ice Age. That could happen to us some day so this would be useful to us. Our team wants to figure out what could destory earth or what could give minor damage like maybe destory a city. No matter if it hits land or water the distruction could wipout our existance. Most likely if an asteriod was coming to hit earth it would land in one of the four oceans because water make water makes up 72% of the earth's surface. Someone might think if an asteriod the size of one of the biggest states hit somewhere hundreds of miles from civilization it be no harm. They would be totally wrong about that, for intance scientist have made things to tell that it would do something if an asteriod hit earth. Like in the movie Armagedean they said if an asteriod the size of Texas hit the Pacific Ocean it would make a tidal wave a mile high and 800 miles wide, it would consume Australia the rest would hit California and end up in Colorado. One third of the population would be killed from the hit and the rest would die in the second ice age. In that movie they describe what could happen and we're going to make a program to do that accurately.

To figure out everything out we need the basic astronomical data for the earth and the asteriod. The formula for figuring out the amount of damage is AREA OF DEVASTATION = 400 * (Kms * 2/3) The simulaton would show a picture of the asteriod hitting earth. Green being land and blue being water. This is probally known, but it would help people understand what could be done to earth with any size asteriod. If the time came and we are in this situation we would know aproximently what it could do to us no matter were it hit. The chance of something of that size coming toward earth is pretty rare and might not happen during our life time, but there is that chance. We have made some progress in the project but alot more to go.

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