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    Team Number: 098

    School Name: tularosa high school

    Area of Science: enviromental science

    Project Title: calculating the odds of a forest fire

Final Report

Forest fires are a mixed blessing to the decreasing forest. our project is to predict such forest fires based on the condition of the forest and its past history. This information could be of great use to human civilization. Forest fires are started mostly by random means such as: people not fully putting out their camp fires, fireworks, and even lightning. Our goal is to create a program capable of calculating the odds of a forest fire occuring if conditions remain constant over time by letting the user enter factors about the conditions of the forest along with weather and and a base estimate of the number of people in the forest. This will require the International Forest Services to better observe people and weather and possibly asses some of the x-factors involved in starting forest fires. Better observation tequniques may also improve the response time of rescue effort and possibly allow a greater chance for early containment of a fire.

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