Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 100

    School Name: Silver High School

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: Recycling Energy

Final Report

The problem:

Getting an electric car to go further than they currently do and allowing a program to decipher which method of gear ratios and alternator distance would produce more power.

Plan for Solving the Problem:

By recycling energy by the use of alternators and efficient gear ratios along with a user defined specifications for the gear ratios and alternator length from the axle.  We will create a program that will allow the user to input values for gear ratios and alternator depths from the axle this program will then (with supplied variables and equations) compute what the users specifications and give a distance upon which the car will be allowed to travel. Although it is most unlikely that it will not ever have to be recharged it is feasible to state that its life can be prolonged.

Description of Progress:

We have sketches of the proposed vehicle and graphs of our projected results.  We also have made a web page for our project. We will soon begin the work on our actual program soon after the semester has ended, but with good resources and teachers to consult with it should be a fairly simple task to complete in the allotted time.

Our expected results:

We expect to create a car that will use energy more efficiently and travel further based upon the calculations of our program. The results we are expecting are a high measurable distance variation and a longer battery life span. It is believed that our results from this experiment will allow a new wave of electric car to be born.

Team Members

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