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The teams listed have succesfully submitted hard-copy reports to the Challenge staff by the April 5th, 2000 deadline. HTML reports are also available for viewing from some of the teams.

Category A's: Competitive
1AlamogordoTeam 28Identification of Objects in Real Images
2Albq. AcademyTeam 34Lucifer's Hammer
3Albq. AcademyTeam 58Simulation of a Closed Body of Water
4BernalilloTeam 32Floating Water
5BernalilloTeam 33Prevention of Tornadoes By theUse of Explosives
6Bosque PrepTeam 30Modeling the Frequency of Bear Contacts in Rocky Mountain Residential Areas
7ClovisTeam 82Collisions Applied to Gasses - An Advanced n-body Simulation
8FarmingtonTeam 43Formation of a Galaxy
9GoddardTeam 62Analyzing a New Technique for Synthesizing Organic Superconductors Using Rotating Electrodes
10Kirtland CentralTeam 54Water Star
12Kirtland CentralTeam 57Calculating the Orbits of WIMPS and Anti-WIMPS
12Kirtland CentralTeam 65A River Runs Through It
13LovingtonTeam 38What Causes Spin to Reverse Itself?
14MayfieldTeam 71Tales from the CRYPTography
15MoriartyTeam 66Aerodynamics
16Plaza Learning CenterTeam 83Buffon's Needle Experiment
17Sandia PrepTeam 3Pattern Analysis of High Throughput Flow Cytometry Data
18Santa FeTeam 51The Verification fo the Postulates, Theorems, and Axioms of Boolean Switching Algebra
19SilverTeam 12Space Exploration/Destruction of Planets
20SilverTeam 13Are You One of a Kind?
21SilverTeam 14The Dynamics of Colliding Bodies
22SilverTeam 15Smallpox: The Next Biochemical Weapon
23SilverTeam 16Vehicle Emission Correlation Using Computers
24SilverTeam 17Modeling Traffic Through a Traffic Control Station
25TularosaTeam 1Planetary Motion in an Isolated Environment
26TularosaTeam 69Checkers

Category B's: Non-Competitive
1AlamagorgoTeam 26An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Advance Computerized Decision Making Techniques
2BloomfieldTeam 18Generation X
3BloomfieldTeam 37Nostradamus
4BloomfieldTeam 41The Impact of Public Usage in Land Ecology
5ClovisTeam 53Fire! Fire!
6CimarronTeam 46Dark Matter
7CimarronTeam 47Neural Networks
8CubaTeam 20The Fibonacci Sequence Occurring in Nature
9CubaTeam 21Coyote Control
10CubaTeam 23Waste Isolation Project
11CubaTeam 56Eclipsing Binary Stars
12Del NorteTeam 8DNHS Beowulf Cluster
13Los AlamosTeam 493-D Erosion Modeling
14MagdalenaTeam 59Cryptography: The Spiral Cipher Clock
15RamahTeam 79Armageddon Bytes
16Santa FeTeam 68What's the Temperature?
17ShiprockTeam 35Voice-Activated Flat Television Set
18ShiprockTeam 36Flood Monitoring
19ShiprockTeam 42In Dreams
20ShiprockTeam 44Out with the old Pit, In with the new Pit
21SpringerTeam 6Meteorology-Astrophysics
22SpringerTeam 22Earthships Engineering
23SpringerTeam 24Perfecting the Eye
24UNM PhysicsTeam 64Interactions of Neural Network Creatures in a Virtual World

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