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    Team Number: 006

    School Name: Springer High School

    Area of Science: Earth and Space Sciences: Meteorology - Astophysics

    Project Title: Messiah: Space Station

Final Report

Messiah: Space Station

The date is February 12. The year is 2021. The earth is a less dominant planet now that the virus of Y2K has plagued the streets of what once was the only populated planet in the solar system. As a result of this biblical plague that has been also known as the E-virus (E for extinction), numerous other planets have been abandoned in fear for the lives of the last of our kind. As a vital struggle for mankind to survive this almost perilous fate, we have gone into a joint production with other nations around the solar system, and have produced the largest, livable space station the world has ever known. The messiah is what we named our space station. It seemed only right. After all, it was going to save us, it was going to be our Messiah, our Savior.

The date is October 22. The year is 2023. Shortly after we launched the Messiah into space, a few others and myself went on a mission to find the remaining humans on the surrounding planets and transported them to the docking bay of the Messiah. After three searches on every planet, we came out with about 304,270 people total in the population. Not very good for such a big universe. We have been living peacefully on the spacestation a little over eighteen years. Now that we have populated somewhat carelessly, we are running out of fuel. Another big problem is that we are running out of food to feed the multitudes. We need to go look for food but we need all the energy that we can get so we can still have power for lights and oxygen. It's down to the wire and we have no where to run and we have no where to hide.

The date is March 09. The year is 2024. We have come up with the hypothesis of capturing a passing meteor and tapping into the energy that it gives off to replenish our resources and sustain our ever-growing population. In theory, this meteor will produce enough energy to keep our space station up and running for an additional fifty years. We have thought about different ways to catch the next meteor, but they have all failed in theory. We finally came up with the idea of using all of our power to send one powerful beam of energy to blast part of the meteor off and catch it in our containment area. We have been using little models to see if our plan will work. Our scientists have been working around the clock to make this plan work. The scientists have built a giant laser to shoot our proton lasers at the target. We have little time to prepare for this one final chance to keep humanity alive. If we don't get that piece of meteor, our people will live in darkness until our food supply or our air is gone, whichever comes first.

The date is April 02. The year is 2024. For a month we worked on the laser, making sure there wasn't any flaws. We got whatever problems that we could find in the plan out before something disastrous happened. We only have one chance to use the laser, so there isn't going to be a test run. We went to sleep tonight knowing that it might be our last chance to keep our humanity alive. We readied the laser for our only blast and our only chance. When the meteor got into range the lights went out as the laser shot its blast of energy at the twirling bulk of rock and ice. The meteor split into two. Before the half we needed floated away, we shot a giant spring-loaded harpoon gun at it to pull in our massive energy orb. When we contained it, we rigged it to our power generator to supply our ship with fuel and power. We then left to find food and other needed supplies for our life on the Messiah.

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  • Dr. David Johnson
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