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    Team Number: 016

    School Name: Silver High School

    Area of Science: Environmental

    Project Title: Auto Emissions

Final Report

As of today, our group has attained all of our formulas and the research is done. Our formula is R=E(x-x)(n-1)SxSy. R stands for regression, E stands for the sum of, X stands for On-road emissions, n stands for number of emissions, Sx stands for the sum of On-road emissions, Sy stands for the sum of Off-road emissions. When the numbers are entered into the equation, it helps to tell the correlation of the gases.

Our research paper is nearing its conclusion. Citations need to be inserted, although the EPA is the only company that has sent our group any information.Our group has also began to prepare our presentation, we have set up a powerpoint presentation that states and shows our formula and our problem statement. Our program is written in Fortran 90, our group is now changing it to C++, if all else fails, we will just leave it in Fortran 90.Right know the program will allow the user to find the correlation of two different gases, using the formula presented above.

We have found a great amount of information on the area of vehicle emission. We also got our formulas from the EPA. We have been looking for a mentor that can help us translate our program from Fortran 90 and have not had much luck, although, there are a couple of people that have been helping. None of our mentors are experienced in programming, so we are having to change our program to C++ with the help of our project advisor. There are three formulas, and our group has figured out one of them. The other two are a bit more confusing.

Our group has all of our sources. A few days ago our group presented our project in front all of our parents. The presentation was recorded and our group made a farely good presentation. Our group needs to work on finishing our program. We also need to improve our reasearch paper. We have also just been told that our program must be completed by the end of this month, which is not looking good.

Andrew Blackman, Joey Placencia, Chris Yarbro

Peggy Larisch, Mechelle Taylor

Project Advisor(s)

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