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    Team Number: 024

    School Name: Springer

    Area of Science: Engineering

    Project Title: "Perfecting the Eye"

Final Report

Our problem is to use the C++ programming language to control a simulation of Laser Eye Surgery. We plan to research the proect many times to get what we need. We also plan to do some excessive learning involving the C++ programming language. We are very confident of ourselves.

Since the Glorieta Kickoff, we have been learning the HTML programming language for making Web Pages. We are all getting very good at it. The two girls, Deanna and Jessica, have been having fun designing and making their own pages. Matthew, who was also in the Challenge last year, is getting more advanced since he is planning to make a career out of programming. We Have also learned to use Telnet better. In Telnet, we have been using E-mail, checking the bulletin boards, the participants menu, LYNX, and Pico. Matthew wants to learn the JAVA programming language. JAVA is a shorter, but harder to learn version of C++. It is also used for applets in web pages. He is learning C++ and will soon be learning to use JAVA.

We have done a lot of research on our project also. The fiels of laser uses that we are focusing on is surgery. There are many types of laser surgery. Among these types are hair removal, tattoo removal, birthmark removal, relieving sciatica, and sinus surgery. There are also many types of lasers that are being used in many types of fields. Among these types of lasers are Doped Insulator; Gas, Helium, Neon, Gas Ion, and Carbon Dioxide; and Semiconductor.

Our hypothesis on our project is othat we are capable of learning to program in the C++ language. We hope to learn more about the challenge and finish off the year successfully. We hope to finish in time to compete for an award. We are hoping that everything goes according to our plans. This project is going to be, and already is, very challenging.

One of our team members, Deanna Trujillo, might be leaving us to go to another school. We are still very confident in our ability to finish our project. We are also hoping that her leaving us will not affect us in completing our project. It may take some time before we actually get to the programming though. Soon, we will be learning to be better programmersand putting our knowlege to work in order to finally finish our project. After we brief our mentor about our project and the research that we have been doing, we will be able to continue to finish our project. This year has been a huge learning experience. We also are looking forward to attending all of the workshops in the future.

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  • Kathy Andreson
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