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    Team Number: 042

    School Name: Shiprock High School

    Area of Science: Psychology

    Project Title: In Dreams

Final Report

The problem we plan to solve will be the meaning of our dreams. Maybe every object you dream is a sort of symbol to you with a greater meaning, just as everything is different to every person. Only we can understand ourselves, before anyone else can. As dreams deliver direct messages, others are move of a poem. It is only seen as you see. Along the dusty road so far, we recorded what we think we saw. Know we are moving on to what we know we have seen. The exchange of thoughts has created a web of perspective views. For example, as a slide may seem as a ride of pleasure to one view, than the other is viewed as a lost of innocence through a pleasurable take. Two drastic views are blended. Identifications clear the glass. We hope we can see ourselves for what we like in our own space of mind.

Our plan we had so far has been proceeding as scheduled. We have all been recording and comparing our dreams and we even interpreted some of them with information, on the Internet about dreams (may not be a reliable source, but only thing available) and with our own interpretations. There are many branched on this subject. Tarot cards and the Wiccah religions can feed into this mystery with a combination of modern day life. With more minds better than one, we discuss our thoughts and conclude with knowledge and instinct to interpret our dreams. Our results will be from within all other branch subjects and ourselves. This will be planned in a stage chart, with religious, scientific, psychological, and personal interpretations. The answer will hopefully be able to fit well with everyone, and hopefully we will uncover our true selves from comparing our lives with our unnatural dreams. Who knows our dreams may foresee what our lives will become.

Our progress has been a bit of a rise and fall track. Due to the lack of a mentor, we have to guide ourselves through the darkness. We have managed to have progressed with the dream recording and discussed it within our group. We have begun sessions where we speak of different interpretations regarding each other's dreams. We meet and exchange our theories and agree on the best. We shall move on to the religious basis of this project, and plan chartings and interpretations.

From our research in the field of psychology about dreams we expect to learn more about the meaning of dreams and whether or not they mean anything in our day to day lives. The meaning of our own personal dreams would be figured out using the Internet as a reference. The research will be a skeleton guide for us as we find our own understanding. Through this we have an understanding of ourselves or have discovered a way. In the end we expect to know ourselves a little better and understand our dreams from ourselves. Perhaps we can satisfy our curiosity.

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