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    Team Number: 69

    School Name: Tularosa High School

    Area of Science: Artifical Intelegence

    Project Title: Chekers

Final Report

Our project is on artificial intelligence. We are going to write a checkers program that will be played computer against human. We are going to assign each square with a point value. Then we are going to make a formula that will determine the best possible move that each piece can make. We will have a part of the program that calculates jumps. So in order for the move to be considered good it will have to contain the most jumps. We are going to have another part of the program that has the rules of the game programmed in it. A couple of the rules we will have programmed in are: A piece may not move toward its own side until it has been "kinged" and the black piece always moves first. Once the best move is determined we will have the program check to make sure the move it has selected is a legal one. After the computer has made its move the human will then be allowed to make a move. The program will continue like this until all pieces are lost. By doing this program we are hoping that we can make it look as though the computer is thinking and not following patterns that are programmed in our program. We want to make the game have different levels of skill. We will do this by limiting the amount of points it can make on one move. So if the skill level is easy it will not choose the best possible move it will choose a move that will give it a score within the range we allow it to obtain. We are also going to write a part of the program that will let the human choose the color they would like to be.

We are also going to include a graphics display of the game. We are trying to find a 2D graphics engine to make the graphics on. Once this is achieved we are going to design a board and all of the pieces.

We are still trying to find a graphics engine that we can use to create the graphical display of the game. We are trying to find a 2D graphics engine so we will not have to spend the entire amount of time trying to make a 3D display. We have also started on our program thoughwe are not that far. We have started to program the moves and the mathematical equation we are going to use.

We expect to find that the computer can beat the human with a series of random patters.

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  • Bruce Parker
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