HTML STTS 1999/2000

Advanced Students Assignments


Assignment One

Take what you have learned about HTML so far. Go to Chapter 10 entitled working with frames. Build a web site that incorporates the following elements:

At least two pages

Frames using the noscroll tag on the main page

alt tags on all images insert at least an image on each frame/page

When viewing your web page, what does the alt tag provide?






Using the noscroll function within frames prevents what?






What are frames strengths? Do they have any weaknesses?







Assignment Two


Go to the following URL:

Quickly review all of the submissions by the students. If you were the HTML judges, which site would you award the "Best HTML" award to and why?

Finally, take the web site that you selected as the "Best HTML" winner. Review your critique of the site and using your save as functions, make the site better by implementing your ideas.

Hint: Make sure to create an images directory and put all of the images in that directory.









Assignment Three

Expand upon Assignment Two by prefacing the overview of the site with your critique and include hyperlinks for before and after viewing. If you make a point that you like, use hyperlinks to go to that feature. If you find something that should be changed, create two hyperlinks one for the before and one for the after feature. Finally, email the site from Assignment Two to the Instructor, and then publish the site on your STTS account.


You have two hurdles, how to send a file with subdirectories, and how to ftp a site to the remote server ( You decide you need a zip utility and an ftp utility. Free zip and ftp utilities can be found at You will have to download and install these zip and ftp utilities.