Challenge Awards

In addition to being an educational experience, the Challenge is a competition for those who wish to compete. It is designed to encourage students to perform at the highest possible level. While we recognize that many first-time participants may feel as though they cannot compete with more experienced students, there are many levels of recognition that can be attained for participants of all levels. The following awards are available:

Team Project Awards

Cisco Connectivity Award - 12 months of free 56k frame relay service and a Cisco Router-CSU/DSU package.

Microsoft Best Use of Office Award - Microsoft software products.

Additional Team Awards - Computer from DP Signal to the winning team's school.

Additional awards consisting of trophies and/or plaques will be presented by:

Special Sponsor Awards

One Amy Beth Boulanger Memorial Scholarship - This is a four-year scholarship of $2,400 per year to attend any accredited four-year university in the state of New Mexico. This scholarship is donated by the Board of Directors of New Mexico Technet.

NMSU Physics Scholarship - $1,000 per year - renewable up to four years
Conditions: must major in physics at NMSU (could be a double major), must maintain GPA of 3.0 or better, Challenge project must have a strong physics component.

New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) Scholarship - $1,866 per year (Full Tuition and Fees) - renewable up to four years

Four One-Time scholarships may be awarded, one to each and by each of the following universities:

The winning students chosen from those participating will be awarded a scholarship to either UNM, , NMSU, ENMU, or NMIMT. This will be based on papers submitted by individual students identifying their primary role in their team's project. Individual winners will determine the school scholarship award by the luck of the draw.

One-Time $2,500.00 scholarship will be awarded by Intel Corporation. The Intel scholarship can be used at any accredited institution of higher education in New Mexico.

One-Time $500.00 scholarship will be awarded randomly to any student or teacher in attendance at Awards Day. This scholarship is presented by CHECS, Inc., and is good at any of their member institutions in New Mexico.

All participating teams submitting final reports are invited to the Awards Ceremony. Awards Day includes tours, lunch, mementos, and many awards. Awards Day is both educational and a lot of fun for students and teachers alike.