Supercomputing Challenge

Graphics Poster Specifications

An optional graphics poster, whose artwork and catchy slogan creatively embody the Supercomputing Challenge program, may also be submitted by your team at the Expo.

The poster should be designed on a single sheet of poster board. It can be hand-drawn, designed on a computer, or created by a combination of methods. There is an award for the individual(s) who design the winning graphical poster.

The poster must be comprised of original artwork and text! You may not copy or borrow pictures, artwork, slogans, etc. from any outside source. At the Expo, all of the Supercomputing Challenge participants will judge the poster entries and select the winner.

The best graphics poster will serve as the Supercomputing Challenge logo for the next year, appearing on Supercomputing Challenge letterhead, T-shirts, book bags, and Web site.

See the past logos in the archive.

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Challenge Logo