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Next Meeting

In 2014, the Board of Directors plan meet on February 24 in Albuquerque, May 29 in Albuquerque, Aug ?? in Albuquerque and November ?? in Albuquerque.

The May 29 meeting will begin at 4:00 PM in room 279 of CSRI at Sandia National Laboratories.

Driving Directions

CSRI at Sandia

Directions to the Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI) at Sandia National Laboratories, which is located at 1450 Innovation Parkway, SE, Abq, NM 87123. Map to the CSRI. IMPORTANT: To get into the building, everyone MUST bring a photo ID (Driver's license, passport) or a Lab ID (you should bring your DOE badge). See email to board members for conference call information. We will be meeting in room 279.

Draft Agenda

   1. (4:00 pm) Call to Order
   2. (5 min) Quorum
   3. (5 min) Approval of Agenda
   4. (5 min) Approval of Previous Minutes 
   5. (5 min) Conflict of Interest Declarations
   6. (20 min) Fundraising Initiatives
      1. Legislative Grant
      2. Sandia Contract
      3. Albuquerque/Mayor Berry
      4. Others
   7. (15 min) Business Plan -- expand region?
   8. (5:00 pm 20 min) Recent Activity Reports
      1. Expo -- David Kratzer
      2. Summer Internships
   9. (30 min) Upcoming Activity Reports
      1. STI
         a. Focus on Teacher's role rather than Student's role
         b. Career Pathways
      2. 25th Year Events
  10. (6:00 pm 30 min) Treasurer's report
      1. 2013-14 Report
      2. Budget
      3. Review Staff Time Reports
  11. (15 min) Board Membership 
  12. (15 min) Board Document Site -- Teri Roberts

Important Information

Other Information

Past Meeting Minutes

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