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Next Meeting

In 2015, the Board of Directors plan meet on March 10 in Albuquerque, May 22 in Santa Fe, Sept XX in Santa Fe and December XX in Albuquerque.

The May 22nd meeting will begin at 1:00 PM at the Santa Fe Community College, in The MASTERS Program conference room (LL322) which is in the West Wing on the lower level.

Driving Directions

Directions to the Santa Fe Community College:
See the directions to the SFCC Evaluations for how to get to SFCC.

Draft Agenda

   1. (1:00 pm) Call to Order
   2. (5 min) Quorum
   3. (5 min) Approval of Agenda
   4. (5 min) Approval of Previous Minutes 
   5. (1:15 pm 10 min) Board President's message -- Bob Robey
      Immediate Goals
   6. (10 min) Executive Director's message --
      David Kratzer and Josephine Kilde
   7. (25 min) Human Subject Issues
   8. (2:10 pm 30 min) Fundraising Initiatives
      Committee -- Bill Blackler, Ron Davis, David Kratzer,
        Josephine Kilde, Tom Bowles, Bob Robey, Jed Crandall, Tim Thomas
      Current report on funds raised this year
      Fund Raising Goals for the rest of this year -- ???
      Letter of Introduction -- Foundations
   9. (2:30 pm 20 min) Treasurer's Report -- Bill Blackler
      Status and Reports
      Bookkeeping and Quickbooks
  10. (10 min) Board member actions
  11. (3:00 pm 15 min) Recent Activity Reports
  12. (3:15 pm) Future Activity Planning
      Summer Teacher Professional Development
      2015-16 Program -- Theme
  13. (4:00 pm) Adjourn

Important Information

Other Information

Past Meeting Minutes

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