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Supercomputing Challenge Board Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
See Supercomputing Challenge Board of Directors for a current list.

This committee is responsible for identifying needs of the board including the skills and knowledge to conduct the business of the organization. It is responsible for cultivating and recruiting candidates with the desired skills for all board positions. It will arrange and conduct election of board members. It must ensure that all board members understand their roles and responsibilities. This committee must monitor and evaluate board member's attendance, and develop criteria for assessing the performance of individual board members. It will maintain the organization by-laws and monitor actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Executive Director and providing the Executive Director with periodic performance reviews.

Finance Committtee

Members: Treasure (Bill Blackler), Executive Director (David Kratzer), Bob Bolz and Betsy Frederick

This committee is responsible for developing budgets for running the organization. The committee is responsible for developing procedures to ensure that funds are spent appropriately, bills paid in timely fashion and expenditures accurately documented. The committee in conjunction also develops the reports necessary for board members to monitor the financial health of the organization. The committee must also arrange for professional audits. The Treasurer of the Board of Directors shall be a member of this committee.

Fundraising Committtee

Members: Ron Davis (chair), Ed Angel, Tony Giancola, David Kratzer

This committee is responsible for ensuring that the organization has the resources necessary to carry out the mission. This committee will be responsible for setting fund raising goals and organizing campaigns to raise funds through grants and donations. It is responsible for training new board members to understand the finances of the organization and their roles in fund-raising.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Members: Irene Lee, Richard Oliver, Celia Einhorn

This committee is responsible for developing appropriate campaigns to insure that the Challenge carries out our mission and continues to grow in satisfactory manner. The committee develops appropriate communications with schools for soliciting participation in events, maintaining relations with donors and industry, publicizing events and fund-raising activities. This committee supports the Fund Raising Committee in its activities.

Personnel Committtee

Members: the Executive Committee

Strategic Planning Committtee

Members: Bill Blackler (chair), Ed Angel, Tom Bowles, Irene Lee, David Rogers, Tim Thomas

The goal of this committee is to define the mission, vision, values and goals of the organization to ensure that benefactors and participants receive desired benefits. The committee must continuously monitor industry trends and developments to ensure that the mission is appropriate and that programs and activities effectively carry out the mission. It must also be able to respond to the changing economic environment. In effect, this committee would develop the "business plan" for the organization.

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