Meeting Minutes-December 4, 2003

David Kratzer, Betsy Frederick, Joe Watts, Dick Allen, and Celia Einhorn

Joe working with LANL government relation's office, then over to junior legislator, Mr. Pecos from Ben Lujan's office. Roberto J. Gallegos, Taos is interested in supporting also.

Sign up Tierra Amarillo, Chama

Past Year obligations:
STI payment for Frederick and Einhorn, $14,000
American Express Bill, $4000, motel
Amy B Scholarships, $7500
Dreamweaver software, Silicon Heights, $1800
Alamogordo costs, bus, refreshments, $800
Savings Bonds, $3250
Honorable Mention Awards, $2500
Consulting, $24,000

Current year obligations: Frederick and Einhorn payment, August on
David figures out how to write a contract to get Betsy and Celia on

Sustainability: NASA, LANL monies = division directors' outreach dollars

To Do
Joe - legislation
David - contractors
Celia and Nancy - savings bonds
Terry - Amy B. Scholarships
Celia - Silicon Heights - charitable or payment arrangement
Nancy - charitable contribution for Gina Fisk
David - Gina's Donation
Joe - Willard, $14,000 to B and C
Dick - Black Duck t-shirts, $2863.14, charitable donation or payment arrangement
Celia - Marianne to sign state PRC
Betsy - Companies, Management Sciences, Network Archs, SBS, end of January for money, Amy B's, entire board will be invited and whomever can go will go do fund raising
Marianne - We have not received $1000 from NMIPA this year; can you work that out
Marianne - You need to sign paper for PRC; Dick has.

Other Burning Issues
State Public Regulation Commission
Non-profit report needs president, secretary, and treasurer
Marianne = president
Dick = Treasurer and Secretary

Liability issue - Dick has paper work

New board members - tied to recruiting, not just dignitaries, worker bees too

Foundations - UNM Foundation - Dick, top ten
LANL Foundation - Bob Romero, Joe and Betsy

Grants out - McCune, Daniels, Verizon, Celia will get amounts.

Next Meeting: January 22nd, 9:30, Technet