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If you are using a computer which does not have an active internet connection, you will need to use dialup networking on a PC to access mode.lanl.k12.nm.us through the New Mexico Technet network, follow the example below.

Setup Step 1

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Programs
  3. Click on Accessories
  4. Click on Communications
  5. Click on Dial-Up Networking and you will see

Setup Step 2

  1. Double click on the Make New Connection icon.
  2. Enter a name for this connection, like Technet dialup or mode.
  3. Check the device (modem) you will be using.
  4. Click next.

Setup Step 3

  1. Look up the local dialup number for your area from the Challenge Handbook and enter it. (You don't need to put in the area code.) Or see the Osogrande local dial up numbers web page. We have used the Santa Fe number in this example.
  2. Click next.

Setup Step 4

  1. That's just about it.
  2. Click on Finish.

Dialing in, Step 1

  1. Click on the mode icon in the Dial-Up Networking folder.
  2. Enter your challenge username followed by @chall
  3. Enter your password.
  4. The phone number should already be there, from the setup.
  5. Click Connect.

Dialing in, Step 2

  1. It should be automatic from here on.

  2. You can close this window.
  3. You now have a connection to the Internet and can use a web browser to access Internet sites or use ssh to get to mode.lanl.k12.nm.us.


  1. If things don't work correctly, highlight the mode icon and right click and select Properties. They should look like:
  2. Click on the Server Types tab to see:
  3. Select TCP/IP Settings to see:
  4. If you are still having trouble, contact .