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Holiday Inn Express Housing List

Housing Assignments for the Holiday Inn Express.

Monday April 20th 

Room 1, K
Teacher:Jim:Mims:Male:US:Albuquerque Academy

Room 2, K
Student:Jorge:Perez:Male:US:Albuquerque Academy:3
Student:Che:Olavarria Gallegos:Male:US:Albuquerque Academy:3

Room 3, DQ
Student:Mark:Swiler:Male:US:Albuquerque Academy:4
Student:Jason :Watlington:Male:US:Albuquerque Academy:4
Student:Carl :Cherne:Male:US:Albuquerque Academy:4

Room 4, DQ
Teacher:Karen :Glennon:Female:US:Jackson Middle School
Driver:Sandra :Gomez:Female:US:Jackson Middle School

Room 5, K
Driver:Donald:Elkins:Male:US:Jackson Middle School

Room 6, DQ
Student:Heidi :Rolston:Female:US:Jackson Middle School:33
Student:Miranda:Gomez Nelson:Female:US:Jackson Middle School:33
Student:Isabella :Montoya:Female:US:Jackson Middle School:33
Student:reyanna:fromme:Female:US:jackson middle school:36

Room 7, K
Student:Hannah:Montoya:Female:US:Jackson Middle School:34
Student:Hanna:Keller:Female:US:Jackson Middle School:34

Room 8, K
Student:Brendan:Kuncel:Male:US:Jackson Middle School:35
Student:Ivan:MacKenzie:Male:US:Jackson Middle School:35

Room 9, DQ
Student:Nicholas:Elkins:Male:US:Jackson Middle School:32
Student:Quentin :Dye:Male:US:Jackson Middle School:32
Student:Micah :Carlen:Male:US:Jackson Middle School:32

Room 10, K
Teacher:Mary:Curtin:Female:US:St. Pius X
Teacher:Mark :Curtin:Male:US:St. Pius X

Room 11, DQ
Advisor:Jordan :Medlock:Male:US:St. Pius X
Student:Thomas:Curtin:Male:US:St. Pius X:137
Student:Samuel :Gervais:Male:US:St. Pius X:137

Room 12, DQ
Teacher:Tracy:Galligan:Female:US:Taos High School
Student:Delaney :Galligan:Female:US:Taos Middle School:143

Room 13, K
Driver:TBA::Male:US:Taos High School

Room 14, K
Student:Nialo:Kinney:Male:US:Taos Charter School:138
Student:Kelden:Larsen:Male:US:Taos Charter School:138

Room 15, K
Student:Rowan:Kinney:Male:US:Taos High School:139
Student:Jacob:Dudley:Male:US:Taos High School:139

Room 16, DQ
Student:Tyler:Wooler:Male:US:Taos High School:139
Student:Noe :Garcia:Male:US:Taos High School:141
Student:Kobe :Bellas:Male:US:Taos High School:141
Student:Adrian:Hernandez:Male:US:Taos High School:141

Room 17, DQ
Student:Sam:Smith:Male:US:Taos High:142
Student:Chandler:Taylor:Male:US:Taos High:142
Student:Diego:Fristoe:Male:US:Taos High:142
Student:Marcelino:Tafoya:Male:US:Taos High:142

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