New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge
Supercomputing: Pushing the limits of "standard" computing du jour.
EdMacKerrow mackerrow @ agent-based modeling
KenLloyd kenneth.lloyd @ agent-based modeling and simulation on hybrid, heterogeneous HPC clusters, Expertise in modeling, simulation and visualization of dynamically evolving complex systems, CFD and molecular dynamics on HPC clusters, design, construction and architecture of HPC clusters, Scientific methods, design of experiments, and mathematical modeling.
Christopher Hoppe Christopher.Hoppe @ USPTO.GOV astrophysics, virus spreads, visual simulations of data models, Java, C++
Jim Rookery Rooker_j @ auto mechanics
LD Gus Landis ldlandis @ C, Python, problem/model definition
Samuel Ashmore sashmore @ C++, math, and security
Matt Hoppe mhsebastian @ C, C++, JAVA, Perl, Python, MATLAB, Signal Processing and Numerical Analysis
Max Lazo MAXIMO.S.LAZO @ Computational Physics and Engineering, Parallel Processing, Radiation Transport Modeling, Monte Carlo Simulation.
Sven Gato Redsun svengato @ Computer simulation, mathematical modeling, artifical intelligence, and physics
Miguel Favela miguelfav @ Computer data base, team work, mathematical procedures, research, basic computer programing
Tony Giancola ajg @ economics, computers, parallel code development
David Janecky janecky @ environmental modeling, environmental science
Kim Wilson tntgrafix @ Graphi design, for logos
Marisol Gamboa gamboa2 @ Java
Michael Wang mcky2004 @ Java, C#, Material science, physics, mathematical modeling, math, Monte Carlo algorithms (in particular, Metropolis Algorithm and Continuous Time Random Walk)
Christopher Alme chrialm @ Java, NetLogo, TNG, MatLab
Ruben Guadiana rubane @ Java, the Supercomputing Challenge process, agent-based modeling, general programming, web programming
Nick Bennett nickbenn @ math, math modeling, general programming, web programming, database programming, agent-based/process-based/discrete-event modeling & simulation, linear & non-linear programming, statistical analysis
Hal Scheintaub hscheintaub @ modeling
Hossein Tahani htahani @ neural networks, fuzzy set theory, machine learning, intelligents agents, scientific visualization
Dave Dixon ddixon @ NetLogo, MASON, agent-based modeling, modeling and simulation, Monte Carlo simulation, economics, econometrics, probability and statistics, math, differential equations, Java, C++, BASIC, FORTRAN, APL, parallel computing, GAUSS, Stata.
Sloan Pearsall PearsallS @ physics (especially kinetics and kinematics) and mathematics
Bandit Gangwere bandit @ Programming, C, object oriented programming, operating systems, UNIX, Linux, embedded systems, graphics, parallel programming
Mel Allen melabq @ Programming
Tom Laub twlaub @ programming, Fortran 90, Visual Basic (for graphical interfaces), C++, nuclear engineering, radiation transport, physics
Larry Donahue LDonahue @ Project management, UNIX, Perl, Networking, Electrical Engineering, Law, Legal Issues, Internet Policy, SPAM, E-Commerce, Systems Security, Performance Tuning & Modeling
David Olivas jdolivas @ science contacts
Manvendra Dubey dubey @ Energy, Climate and Environment
Drew Einhorn drew.einhorn @ Python
Bob Robey brobey @ Computational Fluid Dynamics, Parallel Computing
Randy Roberts r2roberts @ Agent-based modeling, Numerical modeling, Physics, Java, parallel processing, threaded programming
Cleve Moler Cleve.Moler @ MATLAB
Jody Hesch jhesch @ Java, MATLAB, modeling, numerical analysis
Omar Carrillo oc @ Web development and associated technologies like PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, ASP.

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